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Brand Architect 

Communication Coach

Transformation Speaker

Suneel Agarwal


Suneel Agarwal

Suneel Agarwal is a Brand Architect, Communication Coach, and a Transformation Speaker.

With more than three decades of experience behind him, Suneel has created successful service‐oriented businesses and cultivated strong brands including Johnson & Johnson, Castrol, Birla Lifestyle, and ITC amongst others.

He has been a consultant to organizations of all sizes, across domains -FMCG, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, etc. He has been guiding them in areas from business strategy, branding, customer service to mentoring executives for personal development.

Suneel’s experience and thought leadership has been appreciated across the Management institutions, B Schools, and IIMs where he has delivered sessions on diverse topics.

He has conducted a variety of seminars and workshops on Branding, Leadership, Team Building, Personal Development, Presentation Skills, Motivation, and Transformation.

Over the years he has set new benchmarks for presentation skills while inventing innovative techniques to engage audiences.

His audience covers corporates, executives, entrepreneurs and students - from young adults to top management.
Suneel mentors CEOs to young executives to groom new champions in Public Speaking as well as leaders.

Suneel has a reputation for bringing fresh perspectives and rare insights thereby transforming people and organizations.

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